24 November, 2017

Evocative Names

I think a setting lures people in when it has evocative names associated with it. These names might be places, occupations, people in the setting, specific powers. I remember that the first thing that intrigued me about Rifts (back before it had even hit the shelves), were the names of some of the classes... "Juicer", "Glitterboy", "Psi-Stalker". The orders of Space Marines in Warhammer 40k, and even the creatures they commonly fight against, all have names with an emotional intensity to them. The quirky OSR products that are all trying to outflavour one another with their outlandishness, each naming their locations in ways that highlight the esoterica, the psychadelia, or the grimness of their setting. Hell, even Apocalypse World did it with the short punchy names given to the various playbooks.

So, I'm thinking about the twisted new setting for our LARP. It's a fantasy post-apocalypse setting. A savage wasteland of super-tech and magic, where anything is possible if the right price is met, and as long as you can keep it hidden from the celestial bureacracy that has sworn to keep the world from becoming unbalanced. Since this is LARP, think NERF and foam weapons (yes, I know, we've been down this path before...), but from an in-game perspective think of a pan-dimensional empire, with races from numerous worlds trying to pick up the pieces as the militant order that united it has vanished without a trace. Stargate after a vanishing of the Goa'uld, the Races of Flash Gordon fighting for supremacy after the assassination of Ming the Merciless and his Imperial guards, Game of Thrones, but with guns, lightsabers, angels and demons.

To get the feel for what I'm aiming at, the evocative names will come.

22 November, 2017

Dark Crystal Creature #3

Swarms of Scuttlesnipes are said to have first appeared in the ancient woodland just after Olus the Fleshtinkerer blew up her tower and disappeared from the world. For centuries they have worked their way into the ecosystem, successfully becoming scavengers who inject enzymes into dying and dead animals, liquifying their innards to be drained when they return hours later. The toxins riddling the bodies of the Scuttlesnipes mean they are rarely preyed upon for food, but provide a valuable source of ingredients for hunters and alchemists.

This will probably be the last of the Dark Crystal critters, since the competition closes tonight.

21 November, 2017

Alternate Dark Crystal Usage

I've been drawing a few critters for the contest aimed toward the Dark Crystal setting. But if they don't manage to go very far in that contest, I might just end up using them as the starting point for a bestiary of exotic beasts in a new setting. I've already started thinking of other predators, carnivores, herbivores, and a food web that might exist within a fantasy woodland.

But, we'll see how things go. 

Dark Crystal Creature #2

A second critter for the contest

The tongue of a Snootwomble is a curious thing. Covered in sticky slime, it typically protrudes from the creature's multi-hinged jaw. The maned Snootwomble digs holes in the soft forest floor, inflating it's tongue above ground in such a way that it appears like one of the smaller forest plants. When small herbivores and insects attempt to graze on the plant, the sticky tongue is retracted, entrapping the unwary prey, and the Snootwomble leaps forward with the rest of it's body to consume it's meal.  

20 November, 2017

Dark Crystal Creature

A few days ago, I indicated my intention to create a creature for a contest relating to the new Dark Crystal TV series.

I've finally managed to get an image together.

The Northern Tree Squiggon is one of the few arboreal Squiggons, and one of a small number of subspecies who live the majority of their lives out of water. It spends the majority of it's time dangling from branches, often growing lichen and moss over it's body, blending into the trees of the woodland. With spring-like musculature in it's neck, it shoots it's head at unsuspecting prey in the undergrowth, snapping with it's beak and lifting prey back up to the branches, where a tentacle or two are used to strangle the victim, while the beaks rips the flesh. Like most squiggons, this subspecies is a predator of opportunity, and generally ignores or hides from larger forest  creatures. 

19 November, 2017

Thor Ragnarok and Justice League

I went to the movies yesterday to see two superhero movies.

They say that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Thor Ragnarok was awesome. A few little quibbles here and there, a couple of parts where it felt like there should be more, but were obviously cut out for time, or other reasons, a few easter eggs I was aware of but when I sat there and looked for them, I missed them... definitely one to add to the DVD collection. 

17 November, 2017

Sneak Preview of Dispatch Guide

For those who are interested in the progress of the next book to be released for The Law, here's a sneak preview of the current status.

It probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense without a copy of The Law, so here's a link to that.